Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jack {15 1/2 months}

Although I'm no longer doing the month to month recaps of Jack, I still wanted to document a few things about what he's been doing lately if for nothing else than he's the 2nd baby and we all know I haven't even started his baby book. #secondkidproblems

SLEEPING: I think the last time I posted about Jack's sleeping habits we were getting ready to start the Ferber method. In short, we followed the schedule listed in his book. It's a mix between CIO and comforting the baby when they cry. After 2 nights, Jack was sleeping through the night and the only thing I regret is that we didn't do it sooner. Every now and then he will wake and fuss, but he usually puts himself back to sleep. He started at a center based daycare last week so he's down to just one nap a day and he sleeps on a cot. Ahhh-where's my baby;(

EATING: If you've been reading here for a while then it's no surprise that he loves food. I was sure he was going to be up there percentile wise, but at his 15 month well check he was in the 10th percentile for weight/height. Good thing he's on the tall side cause he can pack away some food. He's on all solids and he eats pretty much anything we eat. If you're eating in front of him, you better be sharing. He gets one bottle at bedtime, but I know it's time to give that up. I had this same problem with Ben...I just love rocking him and giving him his bottle before bed.

SAYING: It seems like everyday he learns new words. The ones he says most often are: momma, dada, more, thank you, love you, pop pop (popsicle), woof woof (for dog), what's this, uh oh, and oh no.

FAVORITES: Snack, bath time with brother, touch and feel books, dogs, being outside, playing chase with brother, music, dancing, and candy.

LEAST FAVORITES: Coming in from outside, being buckled in the car, getting dropped of at school, anything dirty on his hands, having a poopy diaper (he says, eww and pulls at it so we might begin the early stages of potty training) and brother woolering him when he wants to be left alone.

I hope he stays our sweet little boy forever!
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