Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's only Tuesday and I've already got a random list of things I need to talk write about.

We tend to order pizza from local places, but sometimes turn to ole Pizza Hut because there's one close to our home and it has a drive thru. Any place where I don't have to get the kids out of the car is awesome. I'm still waiting on Chipotle to get on this band wagon. Anywhoo...the last couple of times we have ordered from Pizza Hut our pizza has looked like this.
Whoever at the Hut thought we didn't want cheese on every.single.piece of our pizza was sadly mistaken. #welovecheese Obviously this hasn't stopped us from ordering from them again. Drive thru remember?

I have a problem with hoarding cups. I bring them to work, but have a very hard time bringing them home. This was my desk at work the other day before I couldn't take it any longer and brought them all home. At least I'm being environmentally friendly, right?

Some bloggers lately have really been getting on my nerves. Yes, I know I can stop reading anytime, but the problem is I really like their blogs, but I don't know if I can put up with all the sponsored posts and plugs to buy add space. I'm fine with it once in a while, but if I'm reading more about ads than your actual life I get turned off quickly.

I painted my nails this perfect fall green from Essie. At least it was perfect until I looked at what it was called. Now all I can think of is puke/poop. Common. Who named this one?

What else is there to say about a giant gnome in the back of a pickup?

I was all excited to open this bad boy for a delicious 100 calorie snack only to find the apples completely mushy. I can't stand apples or bananas once they become the slightest bit soft. Gag. #that'swhatshesaid

I have an adorable DIY Wedding Card Box to post about, but I've been putting it off because while I decorated it, my husband actually built the box and I'm too lazy to ask him for the dimensions and a quick tutorial on how to do it. 

And I was almost done with this post when Monica Lewinsky popped up on the t.v. Apparently she's on a speaking tour talking about how she was a victim, called horrible names, yada yada. Not that it's right and yes you were "young", but plenty of young, stupid college girls don't sleep with married men. What did you think would happen when you "slept" with the President? Move on...he sure has. And he's like seventy and grey now so stop.

What's on your mind this Tuesday?

2 comments on "Random Tuesday Thoughts"
  1. I hate pizza with no cheese! It's never a good thing. I can't stand mushy fruit either and I love the colour of that nail polish though I'm not sold on the name!

  2. I buy my bananas green and once they turn yellow, I tend to trash them. I can't stand a mushy apple either.