Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday-I Need Clothes

And when I say need, I mean need in the very 1st world, I have more than I could ever really need way. But let's indulge shall we? 

Last fall I was 3 months out from having a baby and I was just happy to be wearing something other than maternity clothes. I've bought a few things here and there, but I'm pretty burnt out on my current wardrobe. We're still saving for our new house in June and a few trips we have planned so a full on, blow out, shopping extravaganza isn't in the works, but this weekend I plan on picking up a few items that I can mix into my closet.

On the top of my list? Cardigans in great fall colors.
I've been wanting a mustard color cardigan forever, but haven't found just the right one.
Old Navy

I'm also obsessed with mustard and navy.

I've been on the hunt for a great plaid scarf like this since early summer. ASOS had one, but unfortunately it sold out before I could order it:(

My sister got me an amazing vest for my birthday. How cute would it be styled like this?

And fall looks just aren't complete without adorable shoes. I have a pair of cognac brown boots, but they're a little lighter in color than I'd like. I love this darker pair from Nine West. 

What fall items are you loving? Have you added anything new to your closet this season?

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2 comments on "Thoughts on Thursday-I Need Clothes"
  1. I can totally relate... I would love to have some new clothes for Fall. I saw some great cardigans with pockets and chunky buttons at the GAP outlet and you should check Target for a plaid scarf. I just bought an ah-mazing one for $17.99. It came in red plaid and neutral plaid. I bought the neutral for myself and the red one for a friend. It looks pretty similar to the one you have pictured :)

  2. Thanks for the Target tip, I'll have to check it out. I bought one at F21, but it didn't have the red in it! We have a GAP Factory, not outlet and they didn't have anything the other day when I was in there. Total disappointment.