Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

We're enjoying a 70 degree day here, but bracing ourselves for the 30 degree weather that is rolling through this week and has already hit some of you up north. I just saw that parts of Minnesota are going to get 16inches. wtf. I'm totally not ready for snow. At all.

My weekend started Friday afternoon trying to find a dress for a wedding we were attending Saturday night. The wedding was one of J's clients so I wanted something elegant and not too edgy. Why is it when you're looking for something specific you can never find it. Ugh.

I ended up going with the dress on the left and of course I found it at the last store I looked.

Friday night after Jack went to bed Ben, J, and I rented Maleficent. Angelina was perfect for this role.  This reminded me a lot of the Broadway musical Wicked except with Sleeping Beauty instead of Wizard of Oz. Ben's 5 and didn't find this movie scary at all if you're debating about letting your younger kids see it.

Saturday was the usual grocery shopping, cleaning, and we went to lunch with my in-laws who took the boys home with them for the night so J and I could go to the wedding. I should tell you that it wasn't actually a wedding just the reception. The couple got married out of state and were celebrating with friends and family back home. It was beyond AMAZING!!!

If this wasn't J's client I would have been snapping pictures like a crazy person. There was a sushi bar, ice sculpture with oysters, shrimp, and lobster, and a martini ice sculpture where the martini flows through the ice. To top it all off, there were fireworks synchronized to music and they were beautiful!

Before the boys came home Sunday morning I whipped up a batch of mini Vanilla Poppyseed Bread loaves adapted from Kaitlin. They are delicious and so cute and mini. I subbed vanilla for almond, but I'm thinking you could even do lemon if you're a fan.  

Sunday was spent doing laundry, playing while the machine did it's thang and J and Ben went and saw Big Hero while Jack and I hung out and cuddled.

I also managed to cook not one, but two dinners. Stuffed green peppers for that night and chili for the next night. Both recipes are incredibly easy and will be coming to the blog soon!

I ended the weekend with Homeland where I almost had a heart attack. 

How was your weekend?

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