Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap: Part 1 {Days before & Christmas Eve}

To help with all the picture overload, I'm going to break up all the fun we've had these last couple of days into a few posts. As much as I love recapping our Christmas, I love reading about what you all did for the holidays.

A few days before Christmas we loaded up the boys in the car, cranked up the Christmas music, and  checked out our favorite festive houses. I can barely manage a wreath on the door, how do they do this?

We made cookies without Jack this year (he'll be the perfect age next year) and it was special to spend that time just with Ben. Although the dough was Pillsbury, the decorations were all ours.

Does any one else have a problem with the shapes spreading and becoming deformed when you bake them? I read tips online to help with this problem and put the dough in the refrigerator to get super cold before baking, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions on this with store bought dough? I ended up just making round cookies and then cutting them once they came out of the oven. It ended up working out great and provided the perfect excuse to eat the edges of the cookies.

We also did the obligatory gingerbread man house train. Daddy is usually in charge of the construction and Ben decorates and eats half the candy.

Christmas Eve day we went over to J's parent's house with his parents, maternal grandparents, and his brother and daughter.

Christmas Eve night we headed a few miles down the road to J's aunt's house where we celebrated with all his cousins, their kids, and J's paternal grandma.

 By the end of the night Jack was so tired he climbed into this box and tried to lay down. Opening gifts ain't for the weak.

Both boys were passed out in the car shortly after we hit the road which meant I had to put out the milk and cookies for Santa myself. Does that make me crazy? I just didn't want Ben to wake up and notice if they weren't out plus it's tradition!

Christmas Day recap coming tomorrow!

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