Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY {Wreath Christmas Card Holder}

One of the things our current house is lacking is a mantle above our fireplace which means no place to put our Christmas cards during the holiday season.

After scouring several ideas on Pinterest, I found this holder and loved the look. I switched my wreath up a little bit to make this project a little easier and more functional. Here is what I came up with...

What You'll Need:
-12 or 14in embroidery hoop
-Clothes pins (enough + a few extra for all your cards)
-red & green paint

Ready for these complicated steps? 

1. Paint the hoop red and clothes pins green. I recommend you do this while you watch a Christmas movie. The Holiday was my choice.
2. Gather all your cards.
3. Clip your card on the clothes pin and then slide the opposite end of the clothes pin on the hoop. You'll have to give it a little push, but it will fit. twss
*Note: I chose not to hot glue the clothes pins to the hoop so I could move them around and make  room as we received more cards. My pins have stayed in place with no problems without glue.
4. Repeat with all your cards.

I tied a ribbon around the top to cover the metal part of the hoop and hung it by our front door.

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