Thursday, December 4, 2014

She Ain't Perfect

Growing up our Christmas tree was beautiful. White lights, matching ornaments, ribbon, beads, you name it. It was the perfect tree with coordinating colors and a matching tree skirt. I'm sure I made hand-made ornaments throughout the years and although my mom always saved them-they rarely made it to the tree.

Fast forward to my tree now. She'd be the ugly step-sister of my childhood tree. Our "main" ornaments on our tree match consisting of reds and golds, and sparkle. I stuck with the tradition of white lights and have a traditional red velvet tree skirt. But our tree is also filled with snowman fingerprint ornaments, Mickey Mouse ears from our trip to Disney, ornaments from J's grandma, and a homemade beaded candy cane that Ben made.

Ben's favorite part of putting the tree up is looking at all the ornaments and talking about where they came from. I love creating the tradition of collecting ornaments from the places we've traveled and this weekend I plan on making one of the thousand ornaments I've pinned with the boy's handprints.

Our tree may not be perfect, but she sure is pretty and filled with hanging memories of our lives.

How do you decorate your tree?

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