Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Jack's preschool had their Christmas program Friday night and the kids performed the Nutcracker. Jack's class was a snowflake and he was so cute! I didn't get any good pictures because of the lightning, but we managed to get some great video // Both boys insist on sitting on my lap in the morning when they wake up. Despite not being able to breathe, I love the snuggles.

 Ben made these cars out of boxes we had lying around from all our online christmas shopping. Daddy tied them together with a rope for a fun sleigh ride around the living room.

Target trips are a lot more peaceful when they involve orange push pops.

We got Jack a stuffed elf on the shelf hoping that would mean our actual elf could go back on our shelf. It backfired and now he insists on carrying both around// We enjoyed the almost 70 degree weather Sunday and Ben insisted on riding his book even though he looks ridiculous on it since it's too small. Thank goodness his birthday is next month and he'll be getting a new one then.

I wrapped up the weekend with a Christmas craft which I'll post about tomorrow so check back then.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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2 comments on "Weekend Recap"
  1. What a great weekend! 70 degree weather in December? I'm totally jealous!

    1. Don't worry it didn't last long...we have snow just a few days later:)