Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty darn perfect. A little relaxing, lots of productivity, and time with family and friends.

Friday night Ben and I had a mommy-son date to see Into the Woods and then stopped at Orange Leaf before heading home. There's been some controversy about the movie and it's appropriateness for kids (it's rated PG). Ben's almost 6 and he loved it. There are a few scary parts (wolf) and if you've seen the musical you know how it ends. Like any movie you're thinking about taking your kid to, do your research, but I would totally recommend this. There is quite a bit of singing though. Like lots, even for a musical. So if that's not your thing, definitely skip it.

I went grocery shopping Friday afternoon without the kids which meant we got to bum around the house Saturday morning. BTW, how adorable are these Valentine's Day dish towels that I got at where else but Target. And they can in a pack of 2 for $3!

Both boys helped make Peppermint Snow Clay which is a fun, smell good activity, but also extremely messy, so beware. And although I may have put out Valentine towels, we're still rocking the Christmas pjs.

We changed out of our pjs to eat lunch at the hibachi grill with J's mom and I made a trip to Lowe's to pick up some supplies (and cider beer) for a DIY project.

Sneak peek. Full post coming soon.

That night I celebrated my friend Derek's (who also happens to be my best friend Alissa's husband) 30th bday. I wore my new F21 earrings I got for Christmas and made these easy sausage crustinis. 

You know you have great friends when a 30th bday party can instantly transport you to the college days with Jello shots and Beer Pong.

Sunday was spent recouping from the previous night and making this dish which literally took a good chunk of the day. Our friend's Nick & Wendy made this for us a while ago and it was amazing. There is prep work required and it takes a while to cook and simmer so this dish is better reserved for the weekend when you have more time.

I wrapped up the weekend by watching the Golden Globes. Can we talk about George Clooney's speech to his wife? Gah. So sweet. I wonder how it made his previous girlfriend's feel? 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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