Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A 6th Birthday (Avenger's Style}

Ben turned 6 at the end of January his actual birthday fell on a Thursday so we celebrated by eating lunch with him in the cafeteria at school and store bought cupcakes for his class. If you live near a HyVee their cakes are delicious!  That night he got to pick where to eat and he had a tough time choosing between his favorite pizza place and Olive Garden, but the OG won in the end.

After dinner, he came home to presents where he could barely wait to open these Lego minifig bags. He knew he was getting them and could care less about his new bike and helmet.

Look at this face. Way to go Lego.

He reluctantly shared his new Legos with his little brother. For about 30 seconds.

I got a last minute and very tiny cake from HyVee and they were able to slap an Avenger pic on it.

The actual party was on Saturday and the place we had it at took care of everything from the pizza and drinks to clean up. The kids each got tokens when they arrived for arcade games and then got to bowl and play glow in the dark golf. For the sake of not posting other people's children all over the internet I won''t share all the pics, but just know they had fun.

Even Jack got in on the action.

And then there was THE birthday cake. A little back story. Every year since Ben was born we have had a local bakery make his birthday cakes. It also happens to be the same place we had make our wedding cake. I'm not sure if they switched bakers or decorators, but this was what the cake was supposed to look like... 

And this is what it actually looked like.
I can't even. Oh and they brought it out to us like this all tapped up in a box hopping we wouldn't notice. They also left off the writing and did they have a child paint that fondant because I guarantee Jack could have done a better job. We got a refund, but only after a lot of hassle and returning the cake to store. J ended up leaving the party and ran up to the store and got the cake below. Although Ben was a little bummed at first, he got over it and you know what? They party went on. I think the hardest thing for me was that it was one of our birthday traditions and they ruined it. Ok, I'm over it. Clearly. 

Another successful birthday in the books! 

2 comments on "A 6th Birthday (Avenger's Style}"
  1. What a super fun birthday!!! Glow bowling is something that I like as an adult, and I know my nieces and nephew love going too. So glad he had a great birthday!

    1. I definitely want to go back and try glow blowing with friends and some adult drinks:)