Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was spent celebrating our now 6 year old with an Avenger's theme party. Before the party could happen Ben needed a haircut so that's how we spent our Friday night. Wild & crazy. Jack hates haircuts so he nervously ate his sucker and worried that he'd be next in the chair.

When the boys went to bed, I got to work packing goodie bags and brining back the year 2000 with a Mike's Hard Lemonade. For the past 2 years we've had Ben's party somewhere other than our house and it's SO nice not to have to worry about cleaning, cooking, and hosting. 

 Saturday was party day. The kids got to do arcade games, bowling, and glow in the dark golf. They all seemed to have a blast and were worn out by the end.

Sunday morning I watched Blackfish on Netflix. Have you seen it? I always thought the whales at Sea World were rescued and they were rehabilitating them and giving them a safer place to live. Did anyone else think that growing up? Boy was I wrong.

It snowed off and on Sunday, but most of the snow melted once it hit the ground. 

Like everyone else we watched the Super Bowl which was the first time in I don't know how long. If you know my husband then you know it's rare for him to sit and watch a sport's game. I also used the game as an excuse to try out some new recipes. I was really impressed with the halftime show. Lenny and Missy were awesome and Katy's vocals were on point. Unlike other artists, the girl can sing.

And now Monday's here again. This week should go pretty fast. I have lots to get done at work before I head out of town for a few days for a conference and we are celebrating my MIL's 60th birthday on Wednesday. 

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