Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easy Easter Snack: DIY Carrot

If you need an easy last minute Easter themed snack to take to school or work, this is the thing for you! It doesn't really need much of a tutorial, but I do have a few tips that might make putting this together even faster.

What You'll Need:
-clear plastic favor bags
-jumbo box goldfish
-printable Easter labels; I used these, but there are several free ones out there
-green ribbon (mine is from Michaels)

The key to getting this kind of bag to look like a carrot, is making sure the goldfish get into the corner of the bag like below.

Once your bag is filled (fewer fish works better), make sure you grab the other corner of the bag and pull it towards the top so you get the carrot shape. Twist the tie that comes with the bags around the plastic. 

Print and cut out your labels. You can use a 2in circle punch or just trace a circle and cut it out which is what I did since my punch is packed away. Punch a hole in the top for the ribbon and thread through.

Tie it on and pass them out for some festive Easter fun.

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3 comments on "Easy Easter Snack: DIY Carrot "
  1. Love these little goodies :) Perfect for me to make for Lily Jane's class!!!!
    Chelsea @

    1. You should! I'm sure all her friends would LOVE them:)