Tuesday, May 26, 2015

While You All Were Boating & BBQing...

We were moving the final boxes and fixing up the last little things in our old house until the wee hours of the morning on both Saturday and Sunday. Ugh. Next year I'm planning on having a much more festive Memorial Day. But as of today everything is wrapped up and all that's left now is for a new family to make lots of memories in the years to come.

Now that we can focus all of our effort into the new house, I can't wait to get things going around here. We have lots we want to get done this Summer including refinishing and staining the deck, adding a fence, building the kids a play structure, and maybe starting a garden. Not to mention all the not so fun things like organizing closets and making sure I get all the laundry caught up so we have some underwear to wear.

Here's what else we've been up to in pictures...

My dad had surgery the same week we moved (I'm convinced he planned that on purpose). Ben helped him with his daily walk down the hall. He's home now and ate ribs with us yesterday for lunch so I'd say he's pretty recovered.

Instead of packing the night before we moved, I spent it in the ER with Jack after he slipped in the bathtub and busted his chin requiring stitches.

What everyone wants to see on moving day. Although it rained for a little while, by the time the movers were ready to unload our stuff it was barely sprinkling. 

Getting a trailer stuck in our yard and the battle wound on my leg from when I tried to stop it from going all the way into the woods.

For some reason I felt so much better when the kitchen was unpacked and organized.

Helping daddy put brother's new bed together.

And last but not least, one of the best things about our new house is that it's about 5 minutes from the new Dunkin Donuts that opened in town. People went bananas you guys. Lines everywhere.

Jack gives the glazed munchkins his seal of approval. And in case you're wondering, 2 munchkins is not enough for this kid. Neither is 4. 

And although I've haven't been blogging, I have been keeping up on your lives! I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and blog more often as well as comment on all the fabulous things you all have been posting.

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