Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Friday

Happy Friday!!! I'm jumping right in and linking up with ChristinaAmanda, & Karli to share 5 things from this past week.

I stopped in TJ Maxx the other day and they had the cutest mirrors for $7.99 each!! What?!? I didn't buy either one because I'm not quite sure where I'd put them (stupid), but I'm hoping they're there in a few weeks once I have a better idea of how I'll be decorating the rest of the house.

Although I didn't snag the mirrors, a few shirts did come home with me including this stripped one. It's super soft and longer in length which is perfect for keeping everything covered while chasing little humans all day.

Last night we cheered on our women's basketball team. Have ya'll ever been to a women's game? I think I liked it more than the men's games and it was way less crowded. My niece loved seeing all the Cheerleaders...and so did Jack. If you checked out my Instagram last night, then you saw the funny picture below. Side-eyeing those girls.

Earlier this week I posted this recipe for 5 minute buffalo wraps and my husband is already asking when I'm making them again PLUS they'd be great for the upcoming Super Bowl!

4 comments on "Friday, Friday"
  1. Love your #5! Food is a definite favorite. Happy Friday!

  2. Okay wait $8 for a mirror?!!? Oh my gosh I need to go!!!

  3. Don't you hate when you don't grab something awesome like those mirrors and then it haunts you? I'll have to check my TJ Maxx to see if they have anything similar, although I think stock varies a lot!

  4. That buffalo Wrap looks delicious! Cute tops! Those mirrors are amazing! I hardly ever find things like that at our local store. It's always picked over.