Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Recap

Sorry for the silence this week. I was out of town for my work's annual conference which kept me busy busy. This weekend was one of those really good weekends. My husband and I both looked at the clock on Saturday night and couldn't believe the day had gone by so fast and Sunday wasn't any different. After being out of town most of last week I was glad we didn't have anything on the calendar and could spend time together at home.

Hotel life. 

Between food & snacks during the conference and dinners out, we ate a lot (and really well).

My colleague Brooke who definitely makes work trips lots of fun.

By the last night I was really missing the boys. As much as I'm an extrovert and people person, I was over peopling by the end of the conference. Especially when you're around people all day from 7am-10pm. The kids didn't miss me too much however since daddy took them to get a new toy and Taco Bell. I came home to two nerf guns, several Paw Patrol cars, and kids who may not have eaten a vegetable since I left. 

I got home Friday night and we all had a pretty early bedtime. Saturday morning I tried out Walmart's new grocery service. I usually use our local grocery store which delivers to your house, but I wanted to give Walmart's new online service a try. It works the same way in that you order online, but instead of delivery, you drive to the store, park in the designated spot, and then call the number and someone brings your groceries out to you and will load them in your car. I also got a little goodie bag since it was my first order. If you're interested in trying this program out you can use this code to save $10 off your order.

The rest of the day was spent doing a few things around the house and playing outside. Once we came inside the kids crashed on the couch and watched/slept through Zootopia while I got my craft on.

I made this DIY Faux Pumpkin & Succulents. Something about fall puts me in the mood to make all the things.

Sunday was filled with more time outside, a few competitive games of Sorry, and a trip to a local ice cream shop. We went to J's aunt's house for dinner and made it home right at bedtime.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekend Recap

This recap is coming to you a little late since we didn't get home until after 10:00 Sunday night and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at 8:40pm last night. And it was wonderful.

Our Friday night consisted of Legos, some reading, Cider beers, and the most beautiful sunset. We've had a couple amazing sunsets recently and the whole house fills with a pink hue at which time we run outside to take a look.

Saturday I attended a baby shower with my friend Meghan for our friend Adi. Meghan's son is adorable and I can't believe how much he's changed since I saw him a few weeks ago. He was getting fussy so I got out my phone and switched the camera to front facing so he could look at himself. He loved it and gave the biggest smiles.

That night J and I went to a late showing of Snowden. Although it was a little long, it was a great movie, but it definitely portrays his side of the story.

Despite being in the upper 80's on Sunday, I couldn't wait any longer to bust out the fall candles. Leaves from BBW might just be my favorite. 

Lunch consisted of patio sitting and virgin daiquiri mustaches.

After lunch I whipped up this fall wreath after being inspired by a similar one on ETSY that was $100. JoAnn's had their autumn florals on major sale so let's just say I was able to make this beauty for way way less.

Sunday evening we went up to my mother-in-law's house for dinner and the kids played outside until the mosquitos started attacking. Jack clearly took charge of his cousin's Barbie 4wheeler and Ben tested the hoover board in the grass. Not a good idea btw. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday, Friday

The season finale of Flipping Out is calling my name so let's get to it shall we? I'm linking up with ChristinaAmandaErika, & Karli to bring you my 5 things this Friday. 

Ever since Lisa posted about these booties I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. I think they'd make a great present to myself for my birthday in a few weeks. Plus they're under $40!
This Pinterest hack is nothing new but I finally gave it a try and it worked perfectly. I hot glued a knob I picked up from Hobby Lobby to the top and the jar now houses Q-tips in the bathroom.

Is it sad that the first thing I thought when I saw this picture was, "What a waste of candy corn?" I may have already bought and eaten 2 bags.

I picked up some of these on clearance at Target for 10 cents. You just add hot water and let the kids go to town. It didn't occupy them quite as long as I hoped, but at 10 cents, I can't be too disappointed. 

I can't stop pinning all things scarves. I'm going to need several blanket scarves in different colors. And then someone to teach me how to actually wear one without it attacking my neck.

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Bucket List {2016}

Glorious Fall. As much as I love Summer there's just something about not having sweat drip down your back that makes getting out and doing things in Fall so much better :)

Here's what we're planning on doing this if only the temperatures would get with it.

1. Obligatory visit to the pumpkin patch
2. Finally finish re-sanding and painting our deck
3. Go apple picking
4. Make a homemade apple pie-crust and all
5. Take an adult only trip to the winery
6. Make a cheesecake from scratch
6. Decorate for the season
7. Go to the Farm Showcase
8. Visit the Zoo
9. Trick or Treat
10. Clean out/replace flower pots
11. Carve pumpkins
12. Find our way through a corn maze
13. Take/get photos taken of the boys
14. Drive and look at the leaves
15. Explore a State Park
16. Make some fun Halloween desserts
17. Get ahead on Christmas shopping
18. Update fall wardrobe
19. Go to a football game
20. Finally master how to tie a blanket scarf

Do you make a fall bucket list? 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cavemen + Woman

We didn't take a big family vacation this Summer and instead vowed to see what our great state had to offer. When a local state park was offering cave tours we jumped at the chance to go on a mini adventure close to home.

I honestly had no idea this park had a waterfall. Even if it is really really tiny.

Listening intently to the rules of caving.

The cave was pitch black inside and at one point we were all asked to turn our flashlights off to see just how dark it gets. Let's just say I held onto the boys extra tight during those 5 seconds.

Besides a tour of the cave, the kids also got to see some wildlife and do a little stream exploring.

I had a few people ask me how Jack did in the cave since he's only 3. He was a little hesitant at first especially having to walk through the cold water which went up to his mid-calf, but after the initial shock of the cold he loved it. The rocks were pretty slippery and I made sure both boys had non-slip closed toed shoes. I held his hand the entire time while walking through the cave which wasn't more than a 1/2 mile total. If the cave had been bigger or the water deeper I probably wouldn't have let him go. Use your judgment and also get the advice from the park staff. 

I will say that I was slightly annoyed that I had to wear a helmet but after banging my head several times on the low lying rocks I was sure glad I had one on :) 
Monday, September 12, 2016

MO State Fair

I'm determined to recap the rest of our Summer before Fall is fully underway. A few weekends ago we did the quintessential Summer thing and went to our state fair with my mother and brother in law, and niece. We hadn't been in several years and not much had changed except this time I was wise enough to steer clear of the corn dogs. Instead we settled on snow cones for the kids, "adult" snow cones for the grown ups, and lots of rides and memories.

When your fake tattoo apparently hurts like a real tattoo :)

Of all the rides the Merry-Go-Round was his favorite.

Neither Jack or daddy were too excited about the Tilt-a-Whirl.

And a flash back to the State Fair in 2011

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