Monday, September 12, 2016

MO State Fair

I'm determined to recap the rest of our Summer before Fall is fully underway. A few weekends ago we did the quintessential Summer thing and went to our state fair with my mother and brother in law, and niece. We hadn't been in several years and not much had changed except this time I was wise enough to steer clear of the corn dogs. Instead we settled on snow cones for the kids, "adult" snow cones for the grown ups, and lots of rides and memories.

When your fake tattoo apparently hurts like a real tattoo :)

Of all the rides the Merry-Go-Round was his favorite.

Neither Jack or daddy were too excited about the Tilt-a-Whirl.

And a flash back to the State Fair in 2011

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  1. Stopping in from the link-up. I too live in MO -- St. Louis area. I have been to 3 county fairs this Summer, but did not make it to the state fair. Looks like you had fun!