Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

Everyone survive the time change? The boys actually stayed the night with my MIL last night so I dodged that bullet, but I'm sure they'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning for me as well. We've had so much going on that I still need to blog about and hopefully things will slow down a little before the rush of the holidays begin.

Friday night consisted of pizza, playing, and the show Timeless. Anyone else seen it? This SEVEN cheese pizza from a local pizza place is seriously amazing which is could because we have a ton leftover. The place has two sizes a 12inch and 18inch and let's just say I wasn't aware of how big an 18inch pizza was. And we got two of them.

Saturday morning we had our groceries delivered which honestly makes my weekend that much better. If you're store has this and you aren't doing it, you're missing out. I've also noticed that I'm way more likely to stick to our budget by ordering online.

We met my MIL at Olive Garden for lunch and these tablets that they have at the table are awesome for keeping your kids entertained when they just can't hold their shit together before the food comes. They'll also bring you can extra one if you have more than one kid so there's no fighting.

While the boys were with m my mother-in-law, J and I did some work around the house and enjoyed our first official fire of fall and some take out sushi.

As for today, I was starving at 11:00am and ready for bed at 8:30pm which seems to be my usual adjustment to daylight savings time. At the last minute we ended up taking the boys to see Trolls and it was such a cute movie. And adults will love the music flashbacks.

I'm hoping this week is a little less crazy than last week and I'm SO ready for the election to be over. No matter how it turns out I can say I'm looking forward to not hearing anymore political commercials or having my mailbox overflowing with political ads.

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