Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Recap & Life Lately

Since returning home from Denver last Tuesday, I've been soaking up as much time as possible at home with the kids. Memorial Day unofficially kicked off Summer and we jumped right into all things Summer including 3 trips to the new snow cone hut within the last week. So get ready, there's lots of pictures coming your way.

I finally cleaned out our water table and almost gagged. The stuff that gets in there is disgusting. My kids are the type that will dunk their heads in it and I'm pretty sure I've seen them drink the water so I like it to be pretty clean. I will say all the work was worth it and they've played with it almost every day since.

So far I've tried the pink lemonade, pomegranate, and strawberry daiquiri, which was probably my least favorite. 

Jack's stuffed animal pile was growing out of control and he was having a hard time letting them go. He wanted to hug each one and demanded a picture with them. I also caught him moving several from the donate bag back into his closet. 

This sun-dried tomato sauce is lick the pan good. It was my first time cooking with sun-dried tomatoes and I don't know what took me so long.

I got the boys signed up for Summer Reading at the library. Ben is really into chapter books and it makes my heart so happy.

Not the best picture, but the sunset the other night was gorgeous. 

90 degree weather plus 90% humidity called for a lightweight cotton dress and top knot.

On Saturday we went to J's aunt's house for their cousins' birthday party. J's aunt's dog is the sweetest, but anytime he comes near Jack, Jack heads in the other direction. The boys were sitting on the edge of the pool and the dog came up behind them. Jack jumped into the water so fast and we we're dying laughing. 

Homemade banana orange popsicles.

I love how my DIY wreath turned out and decided to go ahead and hang it. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. 

And that's a wrap. Today was back to our normal routine and after being out of the office for over a week it's hard to go back. Wish me luck!

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