Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Vacation in Colorado {Part 2}

With fingers crossed that the rain would hold off, we got up, had breakfast, and made the drive up Pike's Peak. But not before pictures of the boys in their matching shirts. I can't help myself. 

How beautiful was this view from our hotel?!

Making our way to the top. We had originally thought we would take the railway, but by the time I thought to buy tickets they were sold out. I'm honestly so glad we didn't end up taking the tram because we were able to stay at the top as long as we wanted and make stops on the way down to enjoy the scenery.

Ranger Station 1/2 way up the park. We stopped here on the way down for lunch.

I had promised Jack we'd see snow so I'm so glad there was still a tiny bit left. We found a place to pull over so he could get out and touch it and he was beyond thrilled.

As we got closer to the top it became more and more foggy which might have been for the best since my husband is afraid of heights and the one responsible for getting us safely up the mountain.

It was completely foggy once we reached the Summit and cold. 40 degrees! We headed inside to warm up and try the famous donuts everyone told us about.

While J and Ben did some more exploring outside, Jack was content waiting for them in the warm car with his cotton candy. Which he demolished before they returned.

By the time we started making our way down the clouds the fog had cleared and we had the most gorgeous views. We pulled over and "hiked" up a little hill and let the kids run around. Climbing up a hill at 14,000 ain't no joke when you're from Missouri. There's was one point where J and I thought we might literally die.

It was totally worth it though.

True to my word I let the kids touch the snow. But not before trying to find a clean spot :)

Our plan to visit 7 Falls fell through when severe thunderstorms rolled in so we headed back to the arcade where Ben and I won 1,000 tickets on the Wheel of Fortune game with the word Ladybug.

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