Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekend Recap

I'm still technically weekending over here due to a long work week last week and our public schools being out for the day. The weekend was pretty low key so let's get to this very brief recap.

I was in St. Louis last week for work and like expected, I hit traffic coming home Friday night. For those of you that live in a bigger city I don't know how you deal with the traffic.

Saturday morning J and the boys picked some more tomatoes and peppers from our garden. Anyone have tips for what to do with the skinny peppers?

While it's technically fall, it's been in the upper 90's this past week which called for one last water balloon fight. Filling water balloons is just like wrapping Christmas presents. It takes forever to do and is destroyed in a minute. 

Sunday evening I took the boys to the Compassion Experience which is an immersive exhibit where you get to experience a different culture and hear the story of a child living in extreme poverty. I think it's so important the boys understand just how lucky they are and how we can help others who have far less. 

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Recap

Another weekend gone too soon. Despite summer temps returning, this weekend was the perfect mix of all the things. Fun outings, cleaning and purging, and still time to catch up on Instagram

90 degree temperatures on Saturday called for a tank top, shorts, and my favorite Target sandals. 

Saturday morning we celebrated a special 4 year old's birthday. His mom had the cutest details and to make it even more special, they told him he was going to be a big brother for the second time around.

After the party we headed over to our town's Heritage Festival which takes people back to the traditions of the 19th century. The tradesmen and artisans dress in traditional attire for that time period and how people lived back then. 

Saturday night I did a few small projects around the house including this super easy DIY fall centerpiece. All you need is a basket, add a blanket scarf, some pumpkins, and ta-da!

Sunday started off dark and rainy which was the perfect excuse to hang around the house all day. I caught up on laundry, ate way too many "popsicles" at the boys' playdoh restaurant, and continued on my purging spree with the playroom closet. 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall Bucket List {2017}

With the recap of our Summer Bucket List complete, I can focus on all the things we want to add to our Fall Bucket List. Some are a repeat from last fall and others I've added just for this year. I'd love to hear what's on your list and I may just add it to mine :)

//Trip to the pumpkin patch//
It's just not fall without this family tradition.

//Make a homemade apple pie, crust and all//
I've got the perfect recipe pinned, now to actually make it.

//Go to the Homecoming Parade//
A fun way to cheer on our Tigers.

//Crush Fest at the winery//
We had a blast stomping grapes at this last year and can't wait to do it again in a few weeks.

//Make a cheesecake from scratch//
I don't know why making one scares me, but it's time to conquer that fear. Because cheesecake is delicious.

//Decorate our house with some new fall DIY's//
My Pinterest board is exploding with tons of ideas and I want to do them all.

//Visit as many festivals as possible//
Cool weather, fall outfits, and festival food equals perfection.

//Trick or Treat//
The kids already know what they want to be. I wonder how many times it will change between now and Halloween:)

//Carve pumpkins//
Last year I was pretty proud of my Paw Patrol pumpkin. This year I'm thinking superhero theme.

//Find our way through a corn maze//
I'm not super fond of corn mazes but the kids love them.

//Take family photos//
Because it's been far too long and we need a really good Christmas card photo this year.

//Overnight trip just J and I//
For J's birthday I got him tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld live. It's in St. Louis so I plan to make a night of it since it's been forever since we've gotten away just the two of us.

//Finally master how to tie a blanket scarf//
How have I not learned this yet?

//Go on a fall scavenger hunt with the boys//
Different colored leaves, sticks, and anything else nature might have in store.

//Watch Hocus Pocus//
Best Halloween movie ever. 

//Finish purging the rest of our house//
Slowly but surely I'm making my way through the house. I want everything we don't use or love gone before the holidays.

//Create a thankful wreath//
We have so so much to be thankful for and I want to make sure we're really taking the time to reflect on that.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Recap

It's hard to write a weekend recap when today is not only the anniversary of 9/11, but there is also so much devastation in our country. J's aunt and uncle as well as several of his cousins live in Ft. Meyers, Florida. They didn't evacuate and have prepared everything as much as possible. They're keeping us updated and as of now they've lost power and the streets are flooded, but no water in their house. It's heartbreaking what is happening, but also amazing to see the outpouring of love and support. Just like this day 16 years ago, complete strangers are reaching out and helping one another and it's encouraging and inspiring to witness it. There's no better reminder than today that life is short and to live it to the fullest. 

Saturday morning my MIL and I went to a flea market and antique store. I found this gorgeous pitcher  that looked just like one I wanted from Target except this one cost $4. And I actually ended up only paying $3 after asking if he'd take less :)

By Saturday evening Jack had developed a pretty bad cough and low grade fever. Both boys fell asleep early and J and I watched the original It. J had seen bits and pieces and I'd never seen it. It wasn't really what I thought it was going to be like and honestly, I didn't love it especially since it was 3 hours long. Anybody see the remake?

Saturday night into Sunday morning ended up being rough. Jack was up every half hour coughing or crying and just couldn't get comfortable. By morning time we were both exhausted and running on hardly any sleep. For those of you that don't know, Jack was diagnosed with asthma last year and although it rarely flares up, when he gets a bad cold/cough it can make it worse. After breathing pretty hard for a couple of hours we gave him a breathing treatment and it seemed to help a lot.

While Jack napped and Ben played outside with neighbors I made these S'mores Rice Krispies. They are seriously addicting. Recipe coming this week.

I also made these Asian Chicken Meatballs that unfortunately looked much better than they tasted. 

In between 9 loads of laundry I put up my fall wreath, got my forrest friends out of storage, and burned my favorite BBW's scent, Leaves. Fall has arrived at my house!

 Hope you all had a great weekend and are somewhere safe and dry.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summer Bucket List Review 2017

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, what better time to see how we did on our good ole Summer Bucket List

//Try as many flavors of shaved ice as possible//
We definitely had our fair share and I'm happy to report my favorites were pink lemonade with a close second going to pomegranate. Of course the boys loved blue raspberry (with a squirt of sour spray) and J's basic AF with grape being his favorite.

//Go on a picnic//
Instead of my picnic basket I used a Walmart sack, but what I lacked in picnic style we made up for in fun. 

//Camp in our living room//
As always, one of the boys' favorite things to do.

//Make homemade popsicles//
Oops. Is there such a thing as fall flavored popsicles? I'm thinking sangria flavor for me, cranberry something for the kids. 

//Fly a kite//
J and I enjoyed this more than the kids who were done after 3 minutes. Did I mention it took 10 minutes to set the kites up.

//Explore 3 new (to us) state parks//
No new state parks, but we did visit a local one and explore a cave.

//Go Berry Picking//
Unfortunately the strawberries came in early this year so they were already gone by the time we went but we did get several buckets full of blueberries. 

//Visit the farmer's market//
Couldn't leave the market without peaches, corn, and a smoothie, naturally.

//Watch a movie in the park//
It was technically the football field instead of a park, but it was outdoors so that counts right?

//Attend a baseball game//

//Go to the state fair//
After seeing the horrifying accident at the Ohio State Fair a few weeks before ours we were all ok with sitting this year out.

//Make homemade strawberry shortcake//
There was no shortcake making but I did make strawberry cream cheese banana bread. And I can't find a picture of it. But I swear I did.

//Make a bird feeder//
Does a wind chime count?

//Go on a nature scavenger hunt//
Adding this to our fall list. Bring on all the colored leaves.

//Trip to Arkansas//
We didn't make it to Arkansas, but we did go on vacation to Colorado

//Summer reading program at our library//
Finally one we finished :) Not only did the boys complete all their reading minutes, they each got their names entered into a raffle and Ben won a huge Lego set. 

//Make homemade ice cream//
The eclipse provided us the perfect opportunity to make homemade Galaxy ice cream. While it tasted more like whipped cream than ice cream, it's the thought that counts right?

And there you have it. While there were definitely some things we didn't get to, there was also a lot we did that didn't make the list. Did you do a Summer Bucket List? If so, were you able to check everything off of it?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekend Recap

Summer's over. We technically still have a few more weeks, but in my mind it's done. And man did it go fast. Is it age that makes it seem to go even quicker? Busyness? Kids? Whatever it is I can't believe fall is upon us and Christmas is just a mere three months away. But before I get carried away, here's what we were up to this Labor Day weekend.

Friday night we met my sister and her family at the football stadium to watch Wonder Woman. About halfway through the movie the kids were getting bored and the temperature cooled way down so we packed it in early.

Saturday was the final dip in the pool which didn't last long since the water was freezing.

Sunday night was another outdoor movie with my best friend who was in town for the weekend. Her parents set up Trolls in their backyard and the kids ate boxes of candy under the disguise of darkness.

This is what happens when neither you nor your husband are outdoor camping people :) While we were gone J set the tent up and just like last year, the kids had a blast. And I didn't have to deal with bugs.

On Monday we did some work around the house, I helped my mom recover some dining room chairs, and we wrapped up the weekend at Mexican with my MIL. 

Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Now here's to remembering tomorrow's actually Tuesday.

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