Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday Bucket List {2017}

Tomorrow's the first day of December and Christmas is a mere 25 days away. This time of year can be stressful and chaotic, but I'm determined to not let the craziness of the season get to me. I'm choosing to focus on joy and the magic of the season with some glasses of wine as needed :) Here's a few things on our bucket list for the next month.

//Decorate a gingerbread house//
We actually do a village that way everyone gets their own house and there's less fighting

//Read the nativity story//

//Attend the Holiday Parade of Homes//
I've never been and I'm nosy and love to see other people's houses

//Drive around and look at Christmas lights//
In Christmas pajamas

//Adopt a family in need//

//Donate money to Salvation Army Bell Ringers//
I'm thinking of giving each boy their own little sack of coins to bring with them when we go to stores

//Visit Santa//

//Make reindeer food//

//Clean and organize the playroom//
We're keeping only what we love and the rest is going

//Watch Home Alone//

//Visit the live nativity//
And remember the real reason we celebrate this season

//Decorate cookies for Santa//

//Mail Christmas Cards//

//Take pictures and label ornaments//
I really want a picture of each ornament with a description of where we got it/why it's important. I don't want to forget the special details.  

//Go to a tree lighting//

//Bake cookies for neighbors or friends//

//Create family resolutions//
I want us to have family goals that we'd like to accomplish in 2018. I may even have the kids write some of their own. 

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