Tuesday, February 27, 2018

4 Crime Podcasts You Can't Stop Listening To

As much as I love a good book it's also nice to just turn on a Podcast and listen to someone talk. If you looked at my library you'd find a wide range of Podcasts from women entrepreneurs to reality tv gossip to the latest financial information. But some of my favorite podcasts are those that involve mystery, unanswered questions, and the search for the truth. If you like the same thing, then download these 4 podcasts immediately!

//Atlanta Monster//
Atlanta Monster documents the story of 25 African American children who were kidnapped and then murdered in Atlanta during the 1970's. Although a man was arrested and tried for the murders, nearly 40 years later he still claims he's innocent.  

//Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Andes//
This is the first season in the Cincinnati Enquirer's podcast. The podcast is presented by one of the Enquirer's journalists who is now investigating the death of then 23 year old Elizabeth Andes. Elizabeth's boyfriend was tried and acquitted and many people were left undecided about who actually committed the crime. 

//Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Retha Welch //
This is the second season from the Cincinnati Enquirer. In this season, you learn about Retha Welch who had a deep love for Jesus and counseling prison inmates. She was found killed in her apartment and police arrested and accused an ex-con she had been counseling. In January 2017, after 28 years in prison, her alleged killer was released from prison after a Grand Jury failed to have enough evidence for a re-trial. 

//Dirty John//
Unlike the other podcasts, there's no denying who the bad guy is. John's got everyone around him fooled, until people slowly start discovering the truth. Then things get weird. Really, really weird. 

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