Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break + Easter Recap 2018

The weather was anything but spring-like during our Spring Break this year, I'm looking at you snow on Easter. Despite the cold and several days of clouds, we made the most of it, including a day trip to Kansas City where we surprised Ben with indoor sky-diving. 

He was just a little bit excited. 

The rest of our break consisted of a tie dye project with eggs, lots of games of Guess Who, cleaning, and getting ready for Easter. 

We also ate one of my favorite pizzas. You haven't lived if you haven't eaten pickled onions and pepperoni pizza. 

Easter morning the boys went through their baskets and then we headed to church. My family came over for lunch and the kids barely made it through the egg hunt because of the cold. We had plans to drive to J's family that night, but had to cancel when it started sleeting and snowing. On April 1st. I'm so ready for Spring. 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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  1. As a fellow boy mom, I know that indoor skydiving will be in my future! :) Looks like fun!!