About Me

Hi, I'm Cortney. I'm a wife and mom living in the great Midwest. 

I have two adorable boys Ben and Jack. Ben happens to look just like my husband J, and Jack definitely takes after me. I always saw myself with a little girl, but could have never imagined how great having 2 boys would be.
Ben (4), Jack (4 months)

Besides being a wife and mom, I'm also a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) and work with children and adults with autism. My husband J owns his own business and I'm so proud of how hard he works for our family.

I love traveling, cooking, hanging out with friends, and attempting to finish all those Pinterest projects when I have the time. 

I love a great margarita, almost all the Real Housewives series, and I'm constantly in awe of God's presence in our lives.

I hope you'll follow along as I try to tackle life, motherhood, and growing old with the man I love.

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  1. Your boys are so cute! And my hat goes off to you--the patience you must have in your career is nothing short of God sent, I'm sure. The world needs more people like you! Nice to "meet" you!

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